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Best-selling Christian author, World and National Champion horse breeder and trainer. Lover of simple things, being a daughter of the King of Kings, and sharing this amazing journey with other women of a "certain age."

Simplicity Note #11 – Commitment

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Things were different when I was a kid. We didn’t pinky swear or make promises lightly. When someone made a promise to me, I believed they’d follow through, and they usually did. Anything less was unthinkable. “Your word is your bond.” “We did the deal on a handshake.” “Let your yes be yes, and your no no.” During a recent…


Simplicity Note #12 – God Wastes Nothing

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In retrospect, my most painful life experiences are the ones most valuable to me today. I don’t want to relive one day of the trials, but it was time well spent. Not only did I learn that God is unfailing in His presence and care, but living through the toughest times prepared me to serve God by serving others. “You…


51-Word Pseudo-Haiku for my Christian Sisters of a “Certain Age”

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God is good – all the time Don’t take yourself so seriously Retirement isn’t scriptural. ~ God expects you to serve You’re still relevant Gravity is inevitable. ~ Relationships matter Paper-white teeth aren’t natural Love. ~ It’s a journey. Let’s share it Laugh. ~ Lonely happens Praise God anyway He is good – all the time. Fifty-one words. Let me…


“Fear not” – A Message for Times of Pain, Struggle, or Hopelessness

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Who could sing “Jesus Loves Me” when circumstances seem insurmountable and all hope is gone? Abandonment, pain, and constant tribulation often lead to resignation. “It’s over.” Curiously, resignation is seldom the end of the story. If you’re deep in despair today, this message is for you. If you’ve been there and returned, you may find it familiar. If so, praise…


Testing the Spirit in Tragedy – Neighbors and Samaritans

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There’s a lot of bad news. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Earthquakes. The worst mass shooting in US history. How often do you remind yourself that there would be no need for the good news of Jesus Christ if there were no bad news? Media, politicians, and talking heads of all sorts laud one thing and decry another. How do you keep the…


Simplicity Note #10 – Benefits of Failure and Observation

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Education always has a cost: time, pain, or cash. The degree to which we value something is tied to what it costs us to obtain. Value out = value in. The biggest lessons are often learned when we pay the biggest price. Failure is a waste of energy, time, or other assets unless we learn from it. So is spending…


Simplicity Note #7 – Less is More

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“Less is more” is usually associated with the idea of simple elegance. I have a particular passion for simplicity, so quote this often and might adopt it as my mantra. Although the quotation isn’t necessarily scriptural in all translations, the concept certainly is. “Less is more and more is less.” – Psalm 37:17 (MSG) The NKJV translates this verse as…


Fifteen Minutes Into Eternity – Understanding the War Between the Human Spirit and the Holy Spirit

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“Where am I?” Something is different. Your eyes are drawn to a clock-like digital display as you wake from the deepest sleep you’ve ever experienced. Brilliant numerals are backlit by an unidentifiable color. 24:15 “What does that mean? Is 24:15 the time? Where am I and what kind of time is 24:15? In military time midnight is 24:00. One minute…


Falling into Temptation – Why Christians Choose to Enter the Darkness

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The best of intentions can lead to ruin. No wonder it’s said that the path to hell is paved with them. There’s only one reason a Christian should ever cross over into darkness. Sadly, it’s seldom the one offered.This quick video explains how temptation affects even the most dedicated, and the one good reason to leave the Light.    …


Simplicity Note #9 – What to expect when you ignore problems

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Few problems spontaneously fix themselves. Certain physical issues, like lacerations or sprains usually resolve themselves. Relationship issues, however, seldom resolve themselves without action. Ignoring destructive behaviors won’t make them go away. Whether horse or human, most undesirable actions originate in fear. Bullies don’t have amazing self-esteem and aggression isn’t the result of great confidence. Disrespect is a symptom of unhealthy…