How are you getting on with God?

A page in my Chambers.

Someone observed with profound simplicity that “Hindsight is 20/20.”  My relationship with Oswald Chambers began in September 2005 when a friend recommended My Utmost for His Highest, daily lessons drawn from Chambers’ Bible College teachings. Two years later I traded up from my pocket paperback to a massive volume containing his entire works.

If I could go back to the beginning I would have planned ahead. Hindsight is a gift common to many; foresight not so much. Over the years I’ve highlighted much of Chambers’ work and carefully penned, penciled, or colored comments, dates, and a few question marks in the margins and white spaces.

Some highlights are traditional neon yellow; others are underlined in red or orange pencil, black and red ink, brown and peacock blue ink, #2 pencil, and markers ranging from green to purple, turquoise to red. And in the “if only” department – if I knew back in 2005 what I know today I would have selected specific ink colors for each year’s notations to track my progress.

Reading the last paragraph with its mish-mash of colors testifies to the accuracy of hindsight. The evidence is as plain as this irritating rainbow of text colors. To be honest with you and with myself, the messy pages can be a bit confusing on occasion, but they become more dear to me with each passing year.

Progress in your Christian Walk

As years pass God doesn’t challenge us to loftier goals; He expects us to know Him more intimately and obey more reflexively. In our fourth decade of marriage my husband and I often finish one another’s sentences. I don’t have to ask him how he takes his coffee and he knows my menu preference is always pizza. We have come to know each other well.

God does not tell you what He is going to do, He reveals to you Who He is.My Utmost for His Highest

Getting on with God is simple. It’s about relationship. Everything proceeds from that. Progress is measured by intimacy and obedience.  When compared to God’s plan the most complex computer program is imbecilic.

Humans reject God’s plan because of its simplicity. Little children and the beasts of the earth understand it. The more we know the more likely we are to reject God’s simple plan in favor of ones more progressive, evolved, or complex.  The stumbling block isn’t education, but the issue of control. God has it and we want it.

God’s plan is deeper relationship with you. The choice is yours. Evidence of how I’m getting on with Him is found in notations made in my volume of Chambers’ work. Years ago I penciled in a few question marks. Obviously I didn’t understand the points made. Sometime later I looked at those question marks and wondered how I could have missed the point.

In this 12th year of relationship I realized that highlighted material from previous years isn’t always as interesting as what is not highlighted. I used to highlight sentences or boxed full paragraphs that explained concepts. Now I underline a few words or a simple phrase that IS the concept; no explanation required.

How are you getting on with God? Are difficult study topics easier? Is life simpler? Are you drawing daily joy and peace from the well of Living Water? Are you teaching others what you learned last year or the year before?

Foresight is limited, but I know that what remains unclear will yet be revealed in its glorious simplicity. Eternity is a matter of relationship with Jesus Christ. How’s yours?