The best quick read in a long time! Unique concept. Tight writing. Lightning-swift pace. Which perfectly suits a tale compressed into one hour per day. That’s the (brilliant) hook. Henry Bins is only awake between 3 and 4 AM. Since birth.

Splendid blend of suspense and humor.

The plot is rich. The characters amazingly well-developed for a short read. 

Most books I read are reference or resource-oriented.

  • Biblical.
  • Theological.
  • Sociological.
  • Historical.

And I don’t eat a lot of sugar anymore.


Why mention sugar in a book review?

Because every so often I just have to take a break from my low-carb preferences. I don’t diet or do rules. I eat what makes me feel good and is easy. Easy being most important…

Now you know.

When I need a break from writing or research, I prefer a quick rich story. Fiction. Something that makes me feel good and is easy.

My Kindle library is full of free titles picked up throughout the year. I downloaded 3 a.m. in May 2014. That’s the great thing about books. They keep well.

Between church services and critter-chores on Christmas Eve I wanted a quick read that didn’t require a highlighter or deep thinking.

Enter 3 a.m.

I loved it.

The dialogue between Henry and the cat (Lassie) is a riot.
A stunning accomplishment for the author. I tip my hat to a masterfully-crafted story.

The book is permafree on Amazon. It’s Book 1 in a series of 5.

I’m hooked. It worked. I’m in for the $4.99 to buy the set.

Yes, there are a few instances of adult language. Not for pre-teens.

Click HERE for your free copy of Book 1.

Click HERE or the book cover in the body of this review for the 5 book set.

(It’s an Amazon Associate link which doesn’t change the cost to you, but may send a few pennies my direction.)