Outrageous behavior in Dogs and Horses

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Some days I wonder if the ones I love (especially dogs and horses) have lost their minds. They behave in outrageous ways that shock or mystify. My usual first response is to ask, “What were you thinking?!?” (I usually wait for an answer.) The lesson I’ve returned to most frequently over decades pursuing relationship with horses and Christ Jesus is that…


When Ice Cream is worth more than Bronze Trophies

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Horses don’t care that I am a World Champion Breeder and Trainer. They don’t care about anything I’ve done past or present that didn’t involve them. Why should they? Accomplishments and titles aren’t nearly as important to the wise and simple horse as the answers to weighty questions like, “What have you done for me lately?” and “What time is…


Getting on With God

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How are you getting on with God? Someone observed with profound simplicity that “Hindsight is 20/20.”  My relationship with Oswald Chambers began in September 2005 when a friend recommended My Utmost for His Highest, daily lessons drawn from Chambers’ Bible College teachings. Two years later I traded up from my pocket paperback to a massive volume containing his entire works….