You have the opportunity to accept the gift of living in the “already” because of one unique event – Good Friday

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Today is Good Friday. The commemoration of the historical event which makes Good Friday meaningful isn’t one that speaks loudly to me — at least as far as public celebration or gathering. That realization made me ask myself, “Why?” How could it be that this isn’t a red letter day in my spirit? My husband offered a prayer of gratitude…


Give Yourself a Break – The difference between Guilt and Frustration

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Guilt and frustration are two different critters. Sometimes it’s hard to know which is which. This morning, in yet ANOTHER illustration of Paul’s message to the Romans, I totally did what I didn’t want to do. Before going on let’s get on the same wavelength.   “For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the…


The Greatest Issue for Christians Today

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Are there days when you feel more like the one lost sheep than the ninety-nine resting peacefully at home? One of two simple possibilities explain the trouble facing individual Christ-followers and the body as a whole. The first divides the sheep from the goats. The second may help lost sheep understand why they feel so removed from the Good Shepherd’s…


Structure Equals Results – 10 Steps to Achieve Success

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Who doesn’t want to be more successful, achieve goals, be a winner? Three words sum up the message, Structure Equals Results. Setting and achieving goals is formulaic — the details change but the way it works is the same. Business, sports, and entertainment celebrities branch out into apparel, furniture design, and housewares. People who learn how to understand and apply their formula…


“Lies We Believe About God” by Wm. Paul Young, author of “The Shack”

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Paul Young is an affable guy with a great story. He’ll tell you himself that story is powerful. His own story is the result of great personal pain and his experience of recovery. Lies We Believe is a book that rebrands the theology of The Shack as doctrine. What would Mr. Young think if I told him that since I’ve…


7 Reflections of Faith on New Year’s

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Faith is the hope of things unseen, of promises and blessings yet to come. What better time to reflect on the simple truths and gifts bestowed on you by our Lord, dear brothers and sisters in Christ? Like most years, 2012 was full of human tragedy and personal trials for many, both saved and not. The sign announcing the path ahead…


How Tolerance became the Doctrine of Death

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The greatest sin to enlightened men is intolerance. Every other (debatable) sin pales in comparison. In fact, the very concept of sin itself has become the poster-child of intolerance. Tolerance is the new standard by which most ideologies and behaviors are judged. The specific content of various doctrines isn’t evaluated, just how well everyone agreeably endorses it. Twisted tolerance is…


Human History – the Final Countdown

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It’s five minutes to midnight on the clock of human history.  You must be certain that your eternity is settled because time is running out. In Jesus’ parable of the Vineyard Owner, a final offer to idle men is made at the eleventh hour. (Matthew 20:1-16) One way of defining eleventh hour is the last possible moment before it is…


The Best Ways to Sell a Lie

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Extreme blood-letting aside, few things bug me more than lies. Adultery is a lie. Betrayal is a lie. Telling someone they’re awesome when they aren’t is a lie. It doesn’t matter how great or small the lie – a lie is a lie. Fallout from lies range from momentary disgust to global war, but the crime is still the same….


A Nation in Extremis – What remains of the real America

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Nothing outside the United States of America is powerful enough to tear her down. But the rapidly metastasizing cancer of smallness may soon consumer her vitality from the inside until the contagion stills the heartbeat of a once-vibrant nation and the Great Experiment concludes. The hopeful conviction of a people committed to a Creator and a cause greater than themselves gave birth…