Custom Coaching, Clinics, and Lessons

God’s Word tells us who He is and who we are in relationship to Him and to everyone else. It also tells us the consequence of being out of right relationship. Everything of value is tied to connection and relationship. When you’re not precisely where you want to be, it’s time to examine connections.

Everyone needs a boost of clarity sometimes. Whether your issue is with family, employer, colleagues, or yourself, I can help you restate it in simple terms and identify simple choices. The only way to get somewhere new is leaving where you are. Change only happens when something changes.

Sometimes change is simply refocused perspective. My goal is to help you move forward faster. Sometimes that’s possible in a single conversation or session; sometimes in a few sessions. I work with committed capable people eager to reach the next level of awareness or performance, not enrollment in long-term projects.

Stewardship requires us to invest scarce resources of time, energy, and finances wisely. The value of coaches or consultants is often far greater than the dollars saved or time spent trying to do it all ourselves.

Who can benefit?

  • Aspiring authors and ministers,
  • Creative entrepreneurs,
  • Speakers,
  • Teachers,
  • Coaches, and
  • Horse trainers.

Leadership, connection, and relationship skills apply to every important element of life. None of us can consult for ourselves.

Telephone/Skype 60-minute session:

  • One 60-minute session – $65
  • Series of three – $155 (Best value)

You can expect:

My full attention and commitment to help you define and achieve your goals. I want to help you live your calling, share your message, and achieve your purpose – while glorifying God. My forty-plus years in business and thirty years of entrepreneurial experience are at your disposal.

Private coaching is available on the telephone or internet. If you’re in the Fort Worth (Weatherford), TX area and wish to meet in person – great! Special terms may apply.

Use the contact form or email me at

After booking your session(s) you’ll receive a convenient Paypal invoice by email. After payment I’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time. (No Sunday appointments.)

I help clients create change, one relationship at a time. You won’t get canned advice or leftover content. You are my focus. I don’t offer slick graphics and technical wizardry because it’s not part of my mission and raises my overhead. My business model keeps client costs as low as possible.

The formula for success I share with clients took me decades to develop and works for any business or goal. Even the horse business.

How does this work?

I ask questions, connect the dots you’ve collected over months and years, and help you simplify the process of propelling them toward an intentional goal. I’ll ask you to tell me what you want, think you want, and what isn’t working. The result is clarity, and reducing angst to action items you can tick off when completed (with great satisfaction and a little flourish if you’re anything like me.)

Answering questions reveals more about what you want and are willing to do to get it than any other program, from meditation to self-directed study.

Equine-related services:

  • Individual equine sessions in Weatherford, Tx.  
  • Customized buddy-lessons or group clinics (ground work or mounted.)
  • Consulting on the design of equine facilities and barn/house combos.
  • Have a big horse problem and need an intervention? Contact me to talk about solutions.

I help horse owners deserve the trust they ask their horses to place in them. I teach worthy leadership that leads to amazing partnership with horses or anyone else. Every concept is found in God’s Word. That’s why it works.

Individual 90-minute horse sessions at my facility:

  • One – $65
  • Series of three – $155 (Best value)
  • Buddy Lesson (2 participants) – $90 total
  • Customized programs

For other arrangements, please contact me.

Have a question? Contact me. Depending on the issue, I’ll offer an answer or suggestion.

Need to connect now? Email using the Contact Tab. 

May every relationship be blessed!