Evil is good. Tolerance is Intolerant. Explosive evidence of wide-spread delusion among 21st-century Christians.

Would you recognize the lie if faced with the same temptation Satan offered Adam and Eve? Most Christians today would take a huge bite of forbidden fruit confident they were making the right decision.

What do you think when a Christian pastor preaches against the Word of God as you know it? Did the Supreme Court really rule Jesus Christ illegal in the USA? Why does the law require Christian bakers to make wedding cakes for same-sex marriages but exempt Muslim bakeries?

Human nature disguises itself as the Holy Spirit in much of Christian culture today. There are two doors to eternity; one leads to Christ and one does not. The Holy Spirit chooses one, the human spirit chooses the other.

The greatest challenge of the 21st-century is rightly dividing the Light of Christ from Satan, the Angel of Light. Is Evolution settled science? What about abortion, economics, LGBT issues, racism, and the church itself? The lies of the world have no power in eternity. There is only one source of Truth.

Delusion separates Christ-followers from the door to Eternity with Christ and from one another. Be ready. Be armed. This book is your weapon.

NOTE: Fifteen Minutes into Eternity is written so readers can move seamlessly from Rapture and Revelation to the first page.

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