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How Tolerance became the Doctrine of Death

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The greatest sin to enlightened men is intolerance. Every other (debatable) sin pales in comparison. In fact, the very concept of sin itself has become the poster-child of intolerance. Tolerance is the new standard by which most ideologies and behaviors are judged. The specific content of various doctrines isn’t evaluated, just how well everyone agreeably endorses it. Twisted tolerance is…


A Nation in Extremis – What remains of the real America

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Nothing outside the United States of America is powerful enough to tear her down. But the rapidly metastasizing cancer of smallness may soon consumer her vitality from the inside until the contagion stills the heartbeat of a once-vibrant nation and the Great Experiment concludes. The hopeful conviction of a people committed to a Creator and a cause greater than themselves gave birth…


Christians and Politics – the Religious “right” and “wrong”

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Throughout the 2016 election cycle social media preachers passionately debated or declared which candidates were or were not acceptable to Jesus Christ. Not surprisingly, social media preachers did not agree. Perhaps none was right, but I can declare with great certainly that they weren’t all correct. In Ecclesiastes the very wise Solomon repeatedly observes that there is nothing new under…