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Lynn Baber’s booklist ordered by publishing date:

Disclaimer: Everything I do or write is based on God’s Word. Lots of folks appreciate the leadership or horse information but seem irked how everything circles back to Jesus Christ.  Just letting you know in advance. Fair warning.

Book descriptions are in Series order beginning with the three books of the Gospel Horse series. The next two titles challenge readers to do a gut check on matters of faith and eternity. Titles available only as ebooks are at the end.

Titles not presently available:

  • Amazing Grays Trilogy – Introducing the message and the messengers (2014, ebook, unavailable pending update)
  • Christians and Politics in the 21st Century (2010, currently unavailable)
  • The Art of Being Foolish Proof – the best kept secret of Customer Service (1989, out of print)
  • The Nitty-Gritty of Selling (1988, out of print)
  • The Small Business Guide to Hiring Good People (1987, out of print)

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Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace –Lessons in leadership, relationship, and the power of faith inspired by the love of God and horses  (2010)

Gospel Horse Series: Book 1

Proven insights and tools for frustrated owners who want to reset relationship with a horse.

Do you remember the innocence and wonder of childhood? Profound relationship with horses requires simplicity and pure intentions. “Amazing Grays, Amazing Grays” helps readers rediscover the heart-leaping thrill of being lost in the magical place where horse and human spirits meet.

Lynn Baber says, “I learned some of my more interesting lessons about simplicity from the stallions I trained over many years. The only way to get a 1500lb hairy mass of testosterone to offer obedience and loyalty is to earn it. You can’t fool God and you can’t fool a horse. Both can spot “fake” from a hundred yards away.”

Follow the author into the foaling barn, practice pen, show arena, and round pen. Experience the joys, heartbreaks, and lessons learned from her decades spent in the company of horses. Like you, horses are physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s impossible to understand how horses think and behave if you don’t know why you think and behave as you do. Knowing what makes you tick is important in any relationship, but especially with horses, children, and God.

What’s the difference between correction and punishment? What do you do if the one you love doesn’t love you back? Do you know the difference between love and loving leadership?

You want the same three things from your horse God wants from you – to show up, focus, and offer obedience. Most people forget that true obedience is only possible if the opportunity exists to NOT obey. Turn the horse lessons around to see what they reveal about you. Not sure how to do that? The author does it for you.

  • Horses love those who love them. Learn how horses think and process information.
  • Learn the difference between can’t and won’t and how to fix the problem. (Also works with teen-agers.)
  • Commitment is required. Have you taken an honest look at yours?
  • Discover why winning a World Championship was the author’s greatest failure, not success
  • Grab a tissue when you share a foal’s first breath and the last breath of a champion ready to say good-bye.

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He Came Looking for Me – A true story of hope and redemption (2011)

Gospel Horse Series – Book 2 

A hopeless horse shares his compelling story of rescue and  transformation offering promise and confidence to folks struggling to get by.

Nine year-old Appaloosa brothers Shiner and Ace needed rescue – fast. Every hope was gone. Until God asked the woman who attended their births to find and bring them home.

How much does God really care about you? Have you ever felt hopeless; that your circumstances were too bleak to ever improve? No matter how reasonable your fears, there is no bottomless pit. There is a bottom and there is hope. Always. How does the author know? She’s visited the pit.

What do the story of an unwanted horse and the promise of a mansion in heaven have in common? Both prove that hope rests on a firm foundation, even when you can’t see it. We’ve all failed someone in our lives just as others have failed us, but forgiveness and redemption are real.

God sent the author and her husband to find two horses, by name, nine years after they were sold as youngsters. With the downturn in the economy the last thing the author needed was more horses and she had no idea where to find these particular two. But when God gives direct instruction the best course of action is to get busy. They did.

Shiner was never lost to God and neither are you

Unless rescued soon, the brothers’ time was running out. Shiner and Ace must have felt the same way Black Beauty did, waiting for the end to come. Sometimes death seems preferable to life when each day is too painful and you’ve run out of options. In ways only the supernatural hand of God can arrange, Shiner and Ace were found, without hope and spiritless.  Black Beauty was rescued and found his way home, never to be sold again. So were Shiner and Ace.

Black Beauty is a fictional horse while Shiner and Ace are brothers; real horses born a week apart and never separated. Would you like to hear Shiner’s side of the story? Let him tell you how it feels when deliverance comes because God knows your name. If you’ve ever doubted God’s promises, Shiner testifies that His promises are true.

Know someone who is running out of hope? Click a retailer button and grab a copy today for yourself or the horse lover in your life.

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Discipleship with Horses – Journey of Joy (2014)

Gospel Horse Series – Book 3

Practical guide to using obstacles, exercises, and simple cues to get the results you want.

Learn the nature and process of creating an amazing relationship with a horse. Presented in easy-to-understand concepts and exercises to create levels of communication and relationship with a horse most only dream of. You’ll be able to connect the center of a round pen to the heart of a horse.

Have you witnessed a connection between horse and rider that defies explanation? How can a child and her pony communicate without words? Why will a horse literally lay down its life for a beloved owner? Discover the secrets of achieving a close connection and unbreakable bond with your horse. Transformative relationship with a horse is possible if you know how to offer it and are committed to do what it takes.

The parallel between relationship with a horse and our relationship with God follow similar paths. Christian author Lynn Baber ties the two together in inspiring and practical ways. Readers walk away with insights to increase communication with their horses and systematic exercises to practice at home. The unexpected bonus for those who create something new and rewarding with a horse find these new skills apply to most relationships – family, friends, co-workers, and God.

In simple lessons readers learn:

  • The Round Pen – how to build one and how to use it properly
  • The 4 Basic Commands – everything you ask your horse is one of the 4 basic commands Jesus used with His disciples
  • The two reasons horses don’t do what you want and how they apply to your relationship with God
  • The 4 Types of Questions – powerful tools to get the answers you want, the responses you hope for, and earn your horse’s respect

Two Secrets to Success

The secrets of success are simplicity and commitment. Lynn Baber specialized in training stallions for years. As she says, the only way to get a stallion to offer his power and loyalty is to earn it. You can’t fool God and you can’t fool a horse. The most difficult skill to learn as an adult is simplicity. Horses know when you’re bluffing and they know when you care and when you don’t.

Click on your favorite retailer and grab a copy today for yourself or the horse lover in your life.

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Fifteen Minutes into Eternity – Historical, social, scientific, and religious facts people DON’T believe and why they should (2016)

In one volume, “Fifteen Minutes into Eternity” offers pastors, speakers, leaders, and serious students the history, psychology, and theology explaining their origins and how each one links to the others. References are available on specific topics that plague society, culture, and the body of Christ today.

A unique feature is the selection of cited or footnoted resources. The author purposefully chose noted experts whose research and opinions stand in opposition to God’s Word, not those in agreement. What is widely considered authoritative is logically and critically reviewed revealing the hidden flaws.

It doesn’t matter what congregants, students, or audience members believe at their last breath unless what they believe is true. Is Evolution truly settled science? What about abortion, economics, LGBT issues, racism, and the Christian church? The lies of the world have no power in eternity. There is only one source of Truth. It not only matters why you believe what you believe, it matters if what you believe is real.

The world shifted from God over man to Man over God in 1859 when much of the world left the past behind in favor of progressive doctrines intended to deny God. Did you know that almost everything wrong in western cultures today was either introduced or altered course in 1859? It was the beginning of humanism, “settled science”, modern medicine, progressive sociology, and a theology based on human nature rather than God’s Holy Spirit.

Begin reading whatever chapter screams loudest for your attention. A unique resource to help you prepare believers to answer for their hope in Christ and “contend for the faith.”Your eternal neighborhood will be determined by who you are and what you believe – and whether what you believe has any relationship to what IS. You can believe anything you like, but unless you have the personal power to alter eternity, your opinions have no effect on getting the eternal address you hope for unless what you believe is actually true.

There has never been a more contentious time in the United States and western society than the present transition of US military and political power. Debates, conflicts, and protests of our day are rooted in history. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? How do you choose the right side and what’s the consequence of refusing to make a choice?

The facts, the history, the science, the warnings, and the promise.

NOTE: Fifteen Minutes into Eternity is written so readers can seamlessly move from Rapture and Revelation into the first page. The description of Rapture and Revelation follows.

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The only ebook option for Fifteen Minutes into Eternity is the Amazon Kindle. Other formats weren’t compatible with the extensive footnotes used.

Rapture and Revelation (2012)

It’s time to be honest. Are you completely confident and serene when you open your eyes each morning and behold what the world has become? Are you unwaveringly fearless, looking forward to shedding mortality for immortality? Most people harbor doubts, particularly the kind they’re afraid to speak aloud lest others realize they aren’t as certain of their beliefs as they appear.

This is an easy-to-navigate study of God’s Word offered in the context of real world events, social conflict, systemic false-teaching, and the internal struggles every man, woman, boy, and girl face in a world that denies Truth. I don’t tell anyone what to believe, but pose relevant questions and directs the reader to God’s Word for guidance on finding his or her personal answer to the offer of salvation; Yes or No.

News of a cataclysmic event hit the media early on March 11, 2011. Many lives were changed, including mine. The words I “heard” before opening my eyes were, “Tell them.” Once the fog of sleep cleared the words repeated. I asked, “Tell them what?”  This was the reply:

  1. This is the end time.
  2. The King is coming.
  3. Choose today.

Do you know why you believe what you do? Plenty of folks aren’t sure what they believe. Even if your beliefs are solid and immovable, do you know how you arrived at them? Did you adopt your family’s faith? The doctrine of a denomination? The creed of an independent church? Not all creeds, doctrines, and family traditions are rooted in truth. If all stood on the same truth there would be perfect agreement in the world.

How much are you willing to invest in your eternity?

NOTE: If you’re ready for more, Fifteen Minutes into Eternity was written so you can move from the end of this book to the beginning of that one without skipping a beat. But be prepared, there’s far more meat and deeper challenges as the discussion on eternity continues.

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About older book titles – making peace with the past 

God brings us along in His time. It is a real discipline to let work from years ago stand on its own. If you’re always looking back you miss the great opportunity (or brick wall) directly in front of you. The first lesson I teach riders is to look where they want to go, giving the horse a fighting chance of getting them there. God also expects us to move forward, leaving past mistakes and inadequacies behind. Let the past rest in Christ. He knows precisely what to do with it.

Eight years ago I was secure and successful in the horse world. Now my job is sharing the right message, not being a great writer or entertainer. As a motivational speaker I knew how to make audiences laugh a little and cry a little, but the important part was offering insight and tools to help folks wake up the next day and live more successful lives. In that respect little has changed. Every year I became a better horse trainer. I’ve discovered the same is true with writing. Maybe 25 years from now I’ll have it licked.

Amazing Grays and He Came Looking for Me are second editions. I made a few improvements to HCLFM in 2013 but didn’t think I should mess with Amazing Grays. God provided the title, content, and original publisher for AGAG – so I let it stand as written in 2009. Things have changed.

A newly edited version of Amazing Grays will be available later this Spring. Easier to read, smoother flow, but the same solid messages of leadership, faith, and the connection we share with God and horses. Changes in book covers and other important elements are being considered. I’ll let you know when we roll out new and improved books!

Available only in ebook format:

Amazing Grays Trilogy (2014) – unavailable pending update

God wastes nothing and has a sense of humor. Who could have predicted that two gray quarter horses would start a journey that led a World and National Champion breeder and trainer into discipleship with horses? Certainly, not this Texas transplant.

The Amazing Grays Trilogy ebook introduces the gospel message with an equine twist and the messengers who deliver it in the three full-length books of the series. I may be the writer and leader around here, but without the horses there would have been no books, no ministry, and no Amazing Grays trilogy. The photo on the cover features Bo, one of the two amazing grays, Shiner, co-author of the second book in the series, and yours truly.

The Amazing Grays Trilogy is about relationship and leadership success. It is the appetizer to a meal with three full courses; Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace, He Came Looking for Me, and Discipleship with Horses. Even if you never read one of the trilogy books you’ll still get a taste of the truth, power, and beauty, of what is possible in relationship to God and horses. One feeds the other.

Simplicity is a requirement of entering the kingdom and a unique gift horses offer. It isn’t a coincidence that God wants the same three things from me that I want from my horses and that both He and horses evaluate us in similar ways. Neither care who we know, how pretty we are, how much money we have, or who our family is. The only thing that matters is who we are in relationship to them and if we are faithful.

The three books of the Amazing Grays Trilogy share the promise God makes to each of His children, proves the truth of that promise, and offers practical ways to claim the promise today. The truths, concepts, and lessons are eternal because each one stands on the foundation of God’s inspired and infallible Word. Even if you choose not to read any of the other books, I hope you will find a blessing in the pages of this one.

This is a free ebook at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. The price on Amazon is 99 cents because there isn’t a free Kindle option.

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 Christian Character (2010)

A sampler of articles from my first blog introduces readers to curiosities like celestial puppies and Fantasy Monopoly. Christian Character includes topics like success, blame, truth, being offended, risk, angels, and the United States government. From stringing beads to losing a beloved horse, these twelve short articles offer readers inspiration and food for thought.

This older title remains in its original form.

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No Matter What – REJOICE! (2010)

Are you creating holiday heirlooms of gratitude and warm memories for your family? Do you celebrate the King of Kings or do you participate in festive idolatry? “Rejoice” challenges traditional personal and cultural holiday plans, then warm your heart with simple messages of faith and truth.

Published in 2010, the questions posed in REJOICE cause more frequent and passionate discussion and debate now than they did then. What is the meaning of Christmas? Have celebrations and established habits eclipsed the earth-shattering news of Emmanuel (God with us); that a savior is born to bring peace and reconciliation between a holy God and sinful man?

Use this short book to consider the state of Christmas in your own heart and that of your family. Since I wrote this piece Christmas looks a lot different in my family. Many of our friends have also made substantial changes in how scarce resources of time, cash, and energy are spent. We’ve dialed the volume of glitz and gifts way down – but love, fellowship, and gratitude washed in to more than fill every empty place.

This older title remains in its original form. The message stands on its own. May you find something in this little book to make your Christmas more meaningful and leave a greater legacy of love for your family.

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