My life with real horses began with Brownie. Brownie, a gentle and aptly named gelding, carried me bareback around a family friends’ barnyard in the late 1950’s. I am not the poster child for superior balance nor do I have much ability to remember anything that happened more than 20 minutes ago, but Brownie and his barnyard are forever etched in my memory. Totally innocent Brownie stepped on me when I slipped off and crumpled under his feet like yesterday’s newspaper. No tears from this horse-crazy kid! My passion for all things equine blossomed the instant Brownie’s hoof tiptoed across my belly.

More than 25 years later I entered the horse business.  During the next 25+ years I learned something from each of the hundreds of horses I have been honored to work with. From breeding, training, and judging, to consulting, appraising and doctoring – it was and is a blessed journey.

Before I dove full-time into the horse business I was a consultant and motivational speaker. I believe God made it possible for me to be successful competitively and financially in the horse industry so I would be prepared for the last 8 years; Christian ministry with an equine emphasis. Before you can teach something you have to DO it. Before folks will listen to a message they have to believe (at least once) that it might have some personal value. The messages I shared as a motivational speaker are the same ones I share today, except now I know where they are found in the Bible and how they relate to horses.

Of course there’s more to my story. There’s more to everyone’s story. But that gives you an idea of the paths I’ve traveled. Animals.  My amazing grays. Books. Politics. If my resume is remotely interesting it’s not because I’m anything special, but because God had a plan. From beaten down to lifted up, my experiences may entice folks to listen to something I say or write the first time, but unless what is said or written is meaningful there probably won’t be a second time.

Something magical happens when a horse believes that the safest place in the world is with a worthy master. Something supernatural happens when we realize the safest place in any world is next to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The difference between God as a consuming fire and natural fire is just this, that the further you get away from God the more fiercely you feel His burnings, but when you are close to Him, you will find it (the fire) a glorious protection.Oswald Chambers